Solar Powered water Project in Desert – THARPARKER, Pakistan

Solar Project

The people of Thar Desert have been grappling with issue of inadequate safe drinking water for themselves and their livestock for last many decades.

Unite for humanity extend the support to help the people of Village Khomdan Paro, Charnor in Tehsil Chachro of District THAR. A solar powered pump has been installed on the deep well in the village. This has made the life of people living there specially women and children, as they are the one who are responsible to take care of the animals and to fetch water from the wells.

Project description

Previously, difficult practice of dragging out water from dug wells compels inhabitants to use less water. This was the main cause of illness and many hygienic issues. Now the villagers are happy as unite for humanity makes their life easier. Children can go school and female can do their other productive work at home to contribute to their family life positively. A water user committee has been formed in the project to take care of the solar pump and the water distribution. Water user committee has been operating the pump in a very organized manner by appointing a Pump operator from the local community. Training of the pump operator was also the part of the project.


173 Individuals | 236 Animals

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