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Dug Well/Handpump

Location: Village Sabhri, Samon & Bheel Paro, Union Council Faqeer Abdullah

44 % population lives in desert area of Umar Kot, depends on rain fall which is just in the rainy season of monsoon.  After every third year it experiences a severe drought for year and one famine in a decade.

Unite for Humanity extend the support for a well in the village where the residents are very poor and were collecting water from the far areas.

Project description

There was a need of hand pump and well in this area, so that people of the area can collect water easily. This makes their life easier. People near by the hand pump have also been given the initial guidance of kitchen gardening to grow vegetables by using waste water of the well. Seeds and relevant equipment has also been given to the community for kitchen gardening. Community living here is mostly of Hindu religion. They are very happy and grateful for the help.


250 individuals

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