Afshaa Shafiq

Afshaa Shafiq

Founder - Chairperson

God has given us choices to choose and sense to feel the love in everyone’s heart.

I simply understood this message after many sleepless nights and after i questioned God. That brought me closer to almighty and later my mission.

I remembered that particular night in 2001. I was lying in my bed having some rest after a long and hard day at work. My body was relaxing but my mind was not in peace. So many thoughts were spinning in my head. I kept asking myself “I’ve had hands in so many good things like helping others, collecting money for our local mosque, charities for poor people, helped the needy ones”. Why did I get the chance to wear the crown every time? Allah wanted me to understand his message and sign. After hearing a voice saying “get up Afshaa.. get up.. You know you can do more for humanity and give more to poor people”.. I suddenly jumped out of my bed. , It must have been a signal of blessing from God the Almighty. But I knew for me it was the night of choice and realizing my mission, which was very clear to me.

My master and the only creator wanted to choose me to serve humanity. He wanted me to be his real servant. And that message was very clear. I started working harder and harder arranged big events for fundraising and network building. And today I’m succeeded. Because my master and creator wanted me to choose this path I was gradually being raised higher and higher in status, achievements and became a well known public figure. My master sat me on those posts which I never had desired or fought for earlier in my life.

Martin Luther King

Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

My love and passion to serve humanity was escalated higher and higher. I began to see through the eyes of poor and needy people. I started to feel there pain in my chest. I started seeking God in them. I got tears in my eyes, every time I heard about poor and needy people in pain. This made me closer to them as a family member, and made me hug them even when they not we’re clean. For me it was like putting my head in front of God. Just like when we go in sajood. Everyone had their way of obeying God but I choose mine the way offering my time and life for humanity. I love to serve humanity because it felt like serving God.

You don’t need a degree to serve humanity only a huge drive and passion. God granted me with both which is the key to my success.. Alhamdulillah