Help for refugees In Rødby

Unite for Humanity collected needy things for refugees who came to Denmark in September by ships.

Afshaa Shafiq Baig went out to serve refugees In camps three days. From early morning to late Night. We collected different things like water, food, candies, breads, fruits, and many other needy things from shops and big stores. People donated generously.


UFH supported Madrassa Maryam in Lahore

Unite for Humanity supported Madrassa Maryam with renovation of the outer and inner of the house and installation of new fans, washroom, because Of its bad condition. From 2009-2012


Ansar Burney – Ambassador UFH

Ansar Burney saab in UFH recently event his has Ambassador role in our team. We use him for guidance.

Unite for Humanity has a motto to unite people and countries on globe because:


when there is Teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.